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Carl "Bing" Beynon

Carl "Bing" Beynon was killed in action at the Battle of the Bulge. With the 4th Armored and 26th Infantry Divisions, the 80th Division's 2nd Battalion, 318th Infantry, and the 1st Battalion, 319th Infantry, helped relieve American forces surrounded at Bastogne. During the Battle of the Bulge, World War II was in its latter stages. German forces struck along a 50-mile front in Belgium with the idea of splitting the Allied Armies. It was a critical last-gasp stand by the Germans in which they surrounded Bastogne and ordered an immediate surrender from Allied forces. The Allied forces refused despite the precariousness of their position, and fought gallantly to keep the Germans from seizing control of this strategic area. Allied forces regained control and the Germans were never able to recover their position. Bing received the Bronze Star for his bravery. Bing was a native of Salisbury, the son of William Beynon, brother of Mabel Beynon Showalter.

Local Veteran's honor their fallen comrade.
(actual funeral procession of Sgt. Beynon)

Local Veteran's Part Two.

More Military History will soon be available
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